About Vitamins for Dry Eye

Dr. Lange in front of Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida.

Dr. Lange in front of Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida.

This site is one of many sites developed by Dr. Michael Lange optometrist with Lange Eye Care and Associates and Fortifeye Vitamins.  The goal of this site is to educate the dry eye patient on natural dry eye treatments that they may not be aware of.  Dr. Lange has over 25 years of clinical experience in dealing with dry eye patients. Dr. Michael Lange is a pioneer in nutritional eye care and has one of the largest nutritional eye care practices in the country in Florida.  The information given in this site has been used in a busy dry eye practice with positive results.  Many optometrists and ophthalmologists will fail to mention much of the information in this site due to lack of knowledge or lack of time in their practices.  If patients will follow the advice given in this site, many will have significant improvements in their dry eye problems.  This is for educational purposes only and never replaces a comprehensive eye examination with your eye care provider.

Please click on some of the educational links in the blogroll to gain more knowledge on natural approaches to eye care.


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